Fast Fermentation System. System has low daily cost, with very short turn around time, this investment is the best choice.


Fast Fermentation

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BioHaus Fast FermentationBrochure for details.

What is BioHaus Fast Fermentation System?

In Nature aerobic decomposition occurs in 3 to 6 months. In vessels this period has shortened to 3 to 6 weeks. These processes are named composting. All of these are very long processes.

BioHaus Fast Fermentation System has shortened this decomposition period to just 1 day! Yes, in our system all organic wastes are aerobically decomposing just in 1 day.

There is no organic matter lose. At the end of the process the products are animal feed and/or organic fertilizer which has very high organic matter content, high N, P, K levels, high humic and fulvic acid levels and as an animal feed it has very high digestibility and high substantiality.

Which Materials Can be Animal Feed?

All herbal materials can be animal feed. For example; olive pulp (from olive oil factories, orange pulp, peach and apple pulps (from juice factories), sugar beet or sugar cane wastes (from sugar factories), wastes from beer factories, sauce and jam factories, etc.

After aerobically decomposition of these wastes the products are very high quality animal feeds.

Also herbal & animal sourced materials can be mixed in our system & different types of animal feeds can be produced like cat, dog & fish feeds.

Which Materials Can be Organic Fertilizer?

All herbal wastes, all poultry, slaughterhouse, cattle wastes (includes animal dung) and biogas, biodiesel and bioethanol factory wastes & all other organic wastes can be converted to high quality organic fertilizer.

The product will have very high organic matter high N, P, K levels, high humic & fulvic acid levels, high electrical conductivity ability in soil & ready to use.

How Is It Works?

In BioHaus Fast Fermentation System, organic materials are filled in the biomixer of our system. In biomixer raw materials are stirred for 24 hours with high temperatures (70°-80°C) & specially designed BioHaus Enzyme system (includes thermophilic enzymes, bacterias & fungies) is applied to the raw materials.

In 24 hours aerobically decomposition occurs in biomixer & after 1 day the product is ready to use as an animal feed or as organic fertilizer.

Technical Data

Model MB-22X1

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BioHaus Fast Fermentation System's Brochure (PDF - 2MB)

Model : MB-22X1

Capacity : 20.000 lt.

Motor Power : 75 kW.

Machine Temperature Range : 0 - 150°C

Operating Speed : 3 - 5 rpm (VVVP)

Machine Dimensions : 4402 x 7147 x 5139 in mm.

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